About Benin-IX

Benin-IX (Benin Internet eXchange Point) is a neutral peering infrastructure for all Internet Providers (National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Providers and Content Delivery Networks) in Benin.

Its main goal is to allow operators to interconnect directly, via the exchange, rather than through international links, thereby lowering the cost and latency for local traffic.

Benin-IX Policies

These policies shall be applicable to all Operators exchanging routes via Benin-IX.

    1. Every entity, to be a member of Benin-IX, has to have a valid license to operate in Benin as an Internet or Data Service Provider.
    2. Benin-IX management will provide a layer-2 Ethernet switch fabric for interconnection. Each member will be given a port at the Benin-IX facility, through which they will peer with other members.
    3. Each member is responsible for providing at least a 10Mbps link to the Benin-IX facility.
    4. Benin-IX members shall announce only those routes that belong to their Autonomous System and their customers.
    5. Members will have to exchange routes with each other without bias or disregard.
    6. All members will have to use Benin-IX-assigned IP address for connecting and exchanging routes with each other.
    7. Every member will keep its Benin-IX link connected at all times (24/7) for the purpose of facilitating the efficient routing and interconnection of IP transit networks within Bénin.
    1. Benin-IX management will take all necessary precautions to ensure maximum uptime for the Benin-IX facility; however it will not provide rebates of any sort for down time.
    2. Benin-IX will run on a non-blocking switching architecture to avoid delays.
    3. Benin-IX management shall ensure proper environment (Proper Air conditioning with Humidity control) at the facility.
    4. Members shall augment their bandwidth capacity to Benin-IX, if the utilization of the existing link exceeds 80% of the capacity for 4 hours in a day and for 7 days. Such capacity management shall be through increase of capacity and not through reduction routes announced.
    5. Benin-IX management will ensure that the facility is physically secure and will provide access to its members when needed.
    6. Members shall endeavor to provide advance notice via email to each of Benin-IX members, in the event that a service disruption or discontinuity can be foreseen.
    1. Benin-IX usage statistics shall be collected in real-time and published on its website.
    2. Any other information collected by Benin-IX shall be kept confidential subject to any obligation of disclosure in accordance with the applicable laws.
    3. Benin-IX shall comply with the telecommunications law and regulations in Benin in respect of any data collected.
  • All members are to ensure that computer data processed or stored on their network intended for public access, shall be made available in a manner that does not deny or unduly delays access from other Benin-IX members.


Benin-IX usage statistics can be viewed here.

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